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From a young age, I knew I wanted to become a nurse and help people. I loved nursing, helping people and other nurses throughout my 40-year career. As fortunate as I was to fulfill that dream, I ignored and minimized my own issues, putting myself last.

My chosen career as a nurse was fulfilling for the first 30 years, because I was able to help people and see their improvement. I was also able to help other nurses as educator, manager and administrator, so they could care for their patients with competence and compassion.

My work was full of stress from working overtime, unnatural hours, long stretches, and being on call 24/7. This took a serious toll on my body, my mindset and my joy. Eventually, my health started to deteriorate, I became overweight, with allergies, brain fog, sluggishness, severe body aches and pains, and I needed several medications including pain medications because of my overwhelming daily challenges.

As time went on a deep drive within me felt something was missing. As my own health issues arose, I began relying solely on medicine, until I met a doctor who was also an acupuncturist. She challenged me to think about allergies that may be causing many of my issues, and the stress and pains that medicine couldn’t cure. This led me to be open to new ways of healing and to alternative healing support.

It was not until I stepped on a healing path that I became aware of how lifelong my health issues were. Because they were a normal state for me, I did not fully realize that ‘normal’ is not necessarily healthy!

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Big shifts

Thank you, Cindy!  In just one session on self-worth, I began to make big shifts!  Because my confidence increased I took more action. Not everything I did worked out but it didn't discourage me the way it would have in the past. Because of my new sense of confidence,  I've learned more and I'm not afraid of failure. I've increased my income by 20% and that's just the beginning!

Kristin S, Houston TX

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14th-century proverb
(Oxford dictionary):

Mighty oaks from little acorns grow.

Great things come from small beginnings.

We CAN change our lives.
It all starts with one step.

Wouldn't you like to step upon a path to healing with Bon Accord Allergy and Wellness?


My passion for energy healing was ignited when I met Susie Tamim, a Reiki Grand Master Teacher in Jordan where I was living and working. This lady’s energy exuded love, love, love! I knew I wanted that. Experiencing the healing powers of Reiki were incredible. I learned Reiki and became a Reiki Master Teacher before I left Jordan. But I did not stop there!

I experienced Bowen Therapy from a colleague who asked if I would be her “guinea pig” for a case study of a new modality she was learning. Severe neck, shoulder, and back pain that I had been living with for years were dramatically reduced or gone! I met a Bowen practitioner and teacher when I had a knee injury. I was able to go to a party and dance within 24 hours without pain! I had to learn this gentle therapy.

Next, I was introduced to NAET – Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Technique which has eliminated my severe and lifelong allergies such as hay fever and environmental allergies, cat allergy and Cedar Fever!

Then I found The Emotion Code and The Body Code, which allowed me to be aware of the emotions and other energies I was holding onto in my body contributing to my pain and ailments. I completed a one and a half year mentorship program with Dr. Bradley Nelson, the founder of these techniques, and his team, learning advanced techniques to help you!

Within The Body Code, I was introduced to T3 - Three Dimensional Therapy, a powerful approach to identify and remove faulty core belief systems. An empowering new belief system is created to help you move forward in new ways.

I just had to learn all these amazing, simple and fast techniques for identifying and releasing these energies. After healing myself, I started sharing these techniques with family, friends and others who began referring their friends and family to me. I have helped hundreds of people to date, and continue to learn new healing modalities that will enrich my life and others.

The Birth of Bon Accord Allergy and Wellness

In 2013, I faced a dilemma. My husband and I returned to the United States after living and working overseas for the previous 18 years.

Should I look for a job, or follow my dream of establishing a practice sharing amazing healing modalities of The Emotion Code, The Body Code, NAET and Reiki with my community and the world?

Now was my opportunity to take my part-time ‘pleasure’ of helping others truly feel better to a new level – opening my own business! My husband became my biggest supporter.

We searched for a business name with significance. One of my husband’s suggestions was “Bon Accord.” From my high school French class, I knew this meant “Good Agreement” or “Harmony” when literally translated.

More significantly, it is also a phrase of importance in my husband’s hometown of Aberdeen, Scotland. “Bon Accord” was a code word used by King Robert the Bruce of Scotland to rally an attack on Aberdeen to retake the city from the invading English. (By the way, the Scots were successful!)

I loved the idea of Harmony within these words. In addition, I decided, building upon the Scottish historical importance, to use “Bon Accord” as my code word to “Take back” our health into our own hands. This concept is empowering to apply in our lives.

It was also nice to honor my spouse’s support and behind the scenes work in the business. I added Allergy and Wellness to the business name to emphasize the type of work and vision of the work we do.

The next step was to look for a symbol that would impart our vision and values to others. We were attracted by the potent promise found in an acorn to create a new life. I found and fell in love with this Celtic Tree of Life – oak and acorn artwork by Kevin Dyer. He kindly granted me permission to use this symbol as my business logo. I hope you enjoy the intricacies of this beautiful 3D piece of artwork as much as I do. So much is embodied within this piece.

In ancient traditions, the acorn is considered to be an emblem of luck, abundance, prosperity, security, youthfulness, and power. It also represents spiritual growth.

An acorn carried on one’s person was believed to counteract loneliness, illness, and pain, aids longevity, brings luck and preserves youthfulness. Acorns will increase fertility, whether this be in matters if the mind and ideas or in reproductive matters. Throughout centuries acorns have been a source of food and natural healing remedies. Acorns also grow into the mighty oak tree!

Celtic and Nordic traditions ascribe the oak tree with Life, Strength, stability, nobility, wisdom, honor and more. The ancient Celts believed that the Universe was a tree, with a deep root system and branches that extend upward. This Tree of Life was a connection between the people and the guiding spirit of nature.

In choosing this art as our symbol I consciously wanted to symbolize the strength within each of us, the roots we share with our ancestors, the energy and richness of life that runs through each of us if we will but allow and nurture it. We may face challenges in our daily lives, but we often don’t realize how rich we are in the resources of healing.

Certified Body Code Practitioner
Certified Emotion Code Practitioner
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