Do You Have an Emotional Allergy?


Emotional Allergy - NAET. Couples Fighting


An allergy is a misguided reaction of the immune system to something that may be harmless to most people. We may use the words sensitive, hypersensitive, intolerance when thinking about such reactions.  Another definition of an allergy is a feeling of antipathy or aversion.  This is more akin to an undesirable emotional response to something the brain has identified as undesirable.

Through my own experience with a lifetime of allergies, I have learned that the brain may put two and two together and come up with seven, associating something otherwise harmless as being undesirable, therefore initiating an immune response causing us to become uncomfortable.

Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Technique (NAET)

Emotional AllergyI learned in my work with Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Technique (NAET) that we could have emotional allergies to just about anything! Other people, food, or substances we came into contact with, and issues we struggle with in life. Some allergies may not clear until all associated emotional aspects have been addressed.

Seriously?  Yes indeed. It ‘blew me away’ to learn that I had an allergy to my husband.  Yet it made sense.  In those days we would irritate each other very easily, and sometimes emotions would get out of hand. Just by being in each other’s energy field. We loved each other very much, and at another time in my life I would have started down a mental path of this isn’t working, resentment, thinking of a way out, etc. bad habits I had earlier in my life.

This awareness has also become handy in my work with The Emotion Code (EC) and The Body Code (BC).

How Does This Show Up in Our Lives?

  1. Two people repelling each other energetically
  2. Something we want gets further out of reach
  3. Sneezing, coughing and other common allergy responses


What can be done about it?


NAET – Two Types of Emotional Allergies

  1. Allergy to an emotional state of being, for example, Fear
  2. Some allergies have an emotional component or aspect

***An experienced NAET practitioner will be well versed in managing these.

Working with a Certified EC/BC Practitioner

Make sure that it is ONLY an emotional allergy, that there are no other levels of reactivity.  Your practitioner will look for contributing underlying reasons and release accordingly.  The practitioner can then clear the allergy, and you can look forward to a new relationship with what was causing the problem!

Idea Allergy

Has it ever seemed that no matter how much personal work you have done some of your goals remain elusive?Idea Allergy Maybe you have an adverse response to the IDEA of what you want or an “Idea Allergy”.  Does money seem to slip through your fingers, or you can’t seem to save or hold onto money no matter how hard you try? The harder you try, the further away it seems to be?

I have worked with clients who have had, for example, an idea allergy or intolerance to money or some aspect of money such as receiving or charging money, having money, saving money, success, or wealth. Other common idea allergies are to marriage, commitment, loneliness, or being alone, being happy.

It is so interesting that these may contribute to ways we undermine ourselves, all very subconsciously.  I always say our subconscious does not ask permission. Who would agree to having an adverse response to what we desire?

Do you have an emotional allergy to a person, food, place, or thing?  Schedule a Discovery Session and let’s talk about the most effective way to address this issue for you.

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