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An exciting announcement

I am thrilled to announce a new Emotion Code Certified Practitioner has joined Bon Accord Allergy and Wellness!  My heart swells with pride as I introduce you to my husband, John! He truly has a heart for helping others.    In the beginning, he was very skeptical of my interests in healing, having been brought up…
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Bon Accord – What’s in a name?

When I started my business I had to come up with a name! I had always worked for someone else and all this was so new to me. In today’s world of catchy words and phrases, I struggled to come up with a name that would give an idea of the work I intended to…
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The Bounty of the Harvest

Fall is the time we truly see the bounties of the harvest. The seeds planted in the earth in springtime bring forth their plenty in the autumn. The harvest is so important to take notice of. We don’t live so much in the agricultural society as generations past, when family farms were common, so we might fail to recognize the importance of this special time of harvest today.
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Do We Trap Good Emotions?

As you work with people using The Emotion Code, you are likely to get the question, “Do we trap good emotions?” Looking at the chart of emotions, they’re all considered negative emotions, except one– Overjoy. Even then, Overjoy can be considered negative in a sense. Dr. Brad defines Overjoy as, “intense delight or elation which…
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Creating Your Life’s Garden

We will soon be delighted in the change of season! In some parts of the world, farmers are gearing up for planting. Time is spent cultivating soils, planning, and nurturing tiny seedlings.
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