How Do I Love Thee? Let Me Count The Ways

  Now that you have learned about the five love languages and taken the quiz to find out your primary (and secondary) love language, let’s look at ways to increase our fluency in love languages. Fill Your Love Tank I’m not a mind reader, are you?  Think back to times you felt loved, and how…

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The 5 Love Languages

Love Languages

  Are you aware of your “love language?” What is the love language of your significant other?   What happens if they are not the same?  Is that a signal of doom for the relationship?  I was introduced to “The 5 Love Languages” by Dr. Gary Chapman a few years ago, in my work with…

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New Year, New Beginnings

The Janus Effect

  The Janus Effect Ancient Romans named the month of January for Janus, their god of gates, doors, and beginnings. Always pictured with two faces—one looking toward the future, the other back in the past—Janus is a fitting symbol for the turning of a new year. As we step through the doorway from one year…

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Unlock the Power of Gratitude

How do you practice gratitude?

  Where does gratitude fit into your life?   I received a handwritten Thank You note recently.  It touched me deeply that the writer took the time to choose, write and mail the card.  I enjoyed holding it and reading the words, thinking about the shared experience.   I look at it on the side table…

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Labor of Love

Children can be a challenge. But we can make things easier for them with energy work.

  This time of year, its just past Labor Day, and I was reflecting on my title: Labor of Love. I started out thinking about children going back to school, all the needed preparations, and the labor of love parents give to their children each day of their lives. And then I thought about my…

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Self Care: Are you last on your To Do list?

The endless To-Do list Entrepreneurs, mothers, and nurses have a lot in common:  they put others first and subjugate their own needs to be met – if they ever have time.  This can be a huge ”IF” which often seems to be slipping further and further down the road. The “To-Do” list appears never-ending.  There…

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Do You Value the Power of Silence?

Slow Down, the power of silence, benefits of silence, embrace silence, conscious behavior

Silence is no longer golden. In today’s world, “white noise” suffuses our office buildings; music, news and sports broadcast in public places morning to night; leaf blowers scream; cell phones track us down with their insistent rings. Our homes offer no refuge either: TVs and stereos turn on as soon as we walk into the…

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Distractions: Who is in Control of Your Life?

Are You Living a Distracted Life? With the advent of the computer age and the internet, and especially handheld devices such as smartphones, we have constant access to more distractions and our attention spans are shorter than ever before.  We are bombarded by information, Facebook Ads, social media posts, clever sayings, constant news updates, entrepreneurs…

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Bon Accord – What’s in a name?

When I started my business I had to come up with a name! I had always worked for someone else and all this was so new to me. In today’s world of catchy words and phrases, I struggled to come up with a name that would give an idea of the work I intended to…

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The Bounty of the Harvest

Fall is the time we truly see the bounties of the harvest. The seeds planted in the earth in springtime bring forth their plenty in the autumn. The harvest is so important to take notice of. We don’t live so much in the agricultural society as generations past, when family farms were common, so we might fail to recognize the importance of this special time of harvest today.

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