An exciting announcement

I am thrilled to announce a new Emotion Code Certified Practitioner has joined Bon Accord Allergy and Wellness!  My heart swells with pride as I introduce you to my husband, John!

He truly has a heart for helping others.    In the beginning, he was very skeptical of my interests in healing, having been brought up with the British National Health Service.  However, he overheard me speaking with case studies and was taken aback by the stories of relief and progress they shared from the Emotion Code and Body Code work they experienced.

It was not long before he was suggesting to people: “You need to contact Cindy!”

In Spring 2016, John attended the Ultimate Health, Wealth and Relationship retreat by Healers Library with me.  Meeting and seeing Dr. Bradley Nelson (the creator of The Emotion Code and The Body Code), his family and team, not to mention the about 600 enthusiastic participants of the event left a big impression.  I was excited because he learned to muscle test at the event, which can be so daunting for those new to this modality.

There was a special Emotion Code Certification offer soon after the event. At first, he was reluctant. However, as John completed the case studies, I watched his confidence grow. I was amazed by the work he was doing and the results!

Here is a testimonial about a session John had with “Sully”:

My 14-year-old cat has had tooth problems resulting in two surgeries, thyroid issues, sinus infections, weight loss, heart murmur and irregularities with his liver! After one session with John, Sully is like a kitten again!  Our cats are our babies, and I plan on setting up more time to help our cat thrive without meds. Miraculous!  Kristen MH, Jonestown, TX

Personally, I think of John as an animal whisperer.  I heard stories about how he was always bringing home animals as a child.  Our cat, Tinker, follows him everywhere.  Wherever we go, animals seem to be drawn to him, and it is easy to see the love he has for all sorts of animals and pets.     He would love to help your pet feel better!

John enjoys this meaningful work, and loves the contribution to helping people and families thrive!

To make an appointment with John, simply click:  Yes, I would like to make an Emotion Code appointment with John!

P.S.S.  Are you are interested in becoming Emotion Code Certified yourself?

The Emotion Code certification is well designed to prepare you for working with clients.   In this process, you will learn all you need to know about The Emotion Code, be prepared to complete 30 case studies, including working with people, animals and releasing Heart Walls.   You will ready to become a practitioner and help people feel better, while earning an income!

If you are interested in becoming Emotion Code Certified,  click here!

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