Can you EVER have enough?

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There are so many messages we receive throughout our lives to reinforce the idea that resources are scarce, or that there are reasons we “Lack” the thing we desire.   While we may use an affirmation to focus on what we desire, there may be negative programs running in the background of our subconscious mind that is counter to what the affirmation is about.  An internal struggle ensues, and we may reinforce our feelings or belief “that doesn’t work for me.”

This is why I test the alignment of affirmations my clients like or may want consciously and subconsciously, to see if there is resistance in any area. We work to heal and clear the resistance. They find that the affirmation then feels better and more aligned!

My dad loved a good joke and humor. He used to say“I am working on my second million.  I missed the first!”

This was humorous, but now I realize this statement carried a message of lack and unattainability.  The truth is if you make an average of $33,334 a year for 30 years – you will have made your million dollars!  Not so hard when you break it down. It’s a matter of perspective.

What kind of messages are YOU carrying around that create feelings of fear, lack, and scarcity in your life? You may be conscious of many of them, or not.

The beauty of energy healing is that we can find, unravel, and heal our conscious and subconscious emotions, beliefs, and thought forms that anchor negative energies in us.

I invite you to join me this summer with the Summer Group Healing Series: Wealth and Abundance.  Through the series, we will identify, unravel and heal energies to restore us to a healthy flow of Abundance.

We will focus on healing our Inner Child, Unraveling the Lack and Fear of not enough, Clearing any Oaths, Vows, and Curses, Stresses, Subconscious Limiting Beliefs, and Blocks to our prosperity and abundance in all areas of our life.

We will bring in Emotion Code, Body Code, Sacred Soul Alignments, Energetic Allergy Healing (Did you know you can be allergic to money?!), and other energy healing tools to help us on this journey.

Becoming more conscious and aware of ourselves, what drives or hinders us, and what we choose in our lives is invaluable to creating an ongoing flow of abundance.


Group Healing Testimonials:

  • I recommend Cindy Okroj’s group energy healing sessions. I had heard about group healing via Lynne McTaggart’s book, The Power of Eight, but have not been able to find anyone running a group. Thankfully Cindy Okroj stepped up and created these group sessions. I felt a clearing in the first session. They’re also more affordable than individual energy healing sessions.

  • Working with Bon Accord has been a pivotal step in my spiritual healing process. So grateful for this amazing healing art. I feel refreshed mentally and physically. 
  • Cindy is a person whom I trust implicitly with my energy field. An ebb and flow of shifts in my energy vibration was felt throughout the process. I’m extremely empathic and intuitive. I FELT so much lighter afterwards. Thank you for following through with this nudge, Cindy!!

  • I could really feel the energy moving in my body and healing taking place in this one – where often I don’t feel what’ happening. I really felt a great connection to the group and I’m grateful I gave this a try!

To learn more about Group Healing, check out my last blog here.

I invite you to sign up for this series at a 20% savings over purchasing sessions individually

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