Creating Your Life’s Garden

We will soon be delighted in the change of season! In some parts of the world, farmers are gearing up for planting. Time is spent cultivating soils, planning, and nurturing tiny seedlings.

I am also planning my garden. I have in mind a wide variety of vegetables, berries and flowers which will adorn the corners of my back yard. I am trying to anticipate weather patterns, defend against wildlife, and otherwise create an environment to yield the crops to help sustain my family.

Creating a healthy, thriving body is much like creating a garden. As a garden takes work and ingenuity to grow, so does a healthy mind and body. For instance, if I only pluck the weeds out, my garden may suffer from lack of fertilizer. If I build a net around my plot to keep rabbits out, but fail to water my garden, the seedlings may dry up.

The damage done by our deeply rooted imbalances often requires us to make some changes for the better. Even when we feel healthier, our work is not done! If we determine why we were vulnerable in the first place, we can begin the process of creating our body’s beautifully manicured, fruitful garden.

One example is helping the body to avoid rebuilding a Heart-Wall. One client experienced the rebuilding of her Heart Wall over and over again. She said she always knew it was time to set an appointment because she felt like she was “backsliding.” She realized it was because her body rebuilt her Heart Wall. We began discussing ways for her to move forward in life, and feel safe in doing so. Until she made certain changes her personal garden was barren. Sure, the bad weeds were gone but there simply wasn’t a fertile place for anything good to grow!

When the soil can’t support the good, nothing will grow. With this in mind, test the body to determine any tools which could help a person move forward in life. The mind needs to create a new pathway to manage stress and trauma. If we simply do what we have always done, we will always get the same result! In my Body Code sessions, the imbalances I released helped me recognize certain behaviors that were destructive. I’m grateful these imbalances are released, and I am also grateful I pondered about how I got to such an unhealthy state. I concluded that if I continue to engage in the same behaviors and thinking patterns, I will soon experience symptoms again.

I have found that emotional education is like preparing the soil to host a healthy new seedling. Hearty, rich, and substantial soil needs moisture and nutrients. For our emotional selves, our “soil” can be seeking out the positive in life. Seek for those who have made their lives better. What makes them happy? What do they credit for their happiness? How do they spend their time? I have several sources that have helped me tap into developing the positive mental “soil” in my world. In addition to several sources, I recommend reading books like Power v. Force by Dr. David Hawkins, You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay, and The Infinite Atonement by Tad Callister. Reading these books, prayer, and coupled with releasing imbalances in my own body helped create healthy potting soil for my life. The only flowers that bloom in my garden are healthy relationships!

As the seedlings grow, we need to defend against predators and provide the nutrients to thrive against opposition. Like training a vine up a pole, we have to teach ourselves how we want to “grow up.” Appropriate physical exercise and nutrition will accelerate healing the body, working in harmony with the Body Code work. As Jack Lalanne said “Exercise is King, nutrition is Queen. Put them together and you’ve got a kingdom.” And your kingdom can be adorned with the flowering foliage of healthy abundance!

We will all experience opposition in life, both seen and unseen. My mother recently reminded me that not everyone in your life will be happy to see you shining so brightly. Don’t be surprised when some people in your life are envious or insecure because of the garden you are creating. Keep the hungry crows and rabbits out of your life by creating healthy boundaries! You now have the gardening tools to do it.

I am truly grateful for The Body Code and its role in my life to help me create the garden of my soul. May we all be rewarded with the bounteous harvest of a life that we were designed to live.

~ Lisa Magnusson

Lisa Magnusson is a certified Body Code and Emotion Code practitioner. She and her family reside in the Eastern United States

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