8 Tips to Turn the Open Emotional Solar Plexus to Your Advantage

Do you wonder if you are empathic?

Is there a better way to deal with the emotions we feel?

These and many other tendencies may be a part of your energetic ‘wiring’.

My previous post was about the Open Emotional Solar Plexus. You can read more about it here (link to previous post).

Let’s imagine one partner is frustrated by someone or something at work and brings this home.  The second partner is feeling and amplifying this without realizing it and starts to feel frustrated about what they are doing.  They express their frustration to the first partner.  The first partner now starts to feel MORE frustrated and gets upset with their partner.  And so on and so on, until they both EXPLODE in frustration, and more, at each other.    All this because the first partner brought home a frustration that may or may not have been theirs!  Wow!   What tensions have been created in your relationships without this understanding?  Could this have happened to you?

When this understanding dawned on us, I and my husband had a huge “AHA” moment and realized that when we started feeling something intensely ****it may not be ours alone**** strategies to deal with…

You may have an Open Emotional Solar Plexus if:

Common Characteristics of people with an OPEN Emotional Solar Plexus

  1. You Avoid conflict and confrontation. Put these things off as long as possible
  2. Desire for everyone to be happy
  3. You try to make ‘nice’ with everyone, so you avoid making waves
  4. You feel responsible for others emotional health
  5. You have weak boundaries
  6. You may be addicted to drama
  7. You are empathic

Strategies to deal with and manage your Open Emotional Solar Plexus for better health

The following strategies will help you stop feeling like a mouse or victim and take charge of your emotional health.

Strategy 1: “Ask: Does this belong to me?

Knowing that you not only pick up on but amplify the emotional energy of people around you, remember to ask first “Does this (emotion I am feeling) belong to me?   If the answer is no, you can step back and choose to let it go. (If it persists, see the Emotion Code section below).  Be aware of the energy being expressed around you, you may be able to identify where you picked it up.  This may make it easier to release, and you can have compassion for that person.

Strategy 2: Stop being an emotional sponge. Become an emotional sieve.

Allow emotions other than your own to flow through your sieve.   This takes practice and awareness, and gets easier with time.

Strategy 3: Don’t take it personally.

Remember you are amplifying other people’s emotions.  Realizing what you are feeling is not yours puts you in charge.

Strategy 4:  Move away from other people’s auras when needed

This usually allows you to naturally de-escalate and defuse the other person’s energy you are feeling pretty quickly.  Come back to ‘baseline’ as it were.    My partner and I have an understanding and agreement now to go to separate rooms so we are able to clear our hearts and emotions and talk kindly to each other again!

Strategy 5:  Accept yourself for who you are

Strategy 6:  Learn to set clear boundaries

Strategy 7:  Learn to handle conflict, confrontation when possible using strategies to avoid an explosion.

Strategy 8:  You have a CHOICE about whether you will engage with the emotional energy or not.

Those of us with open Emotional Solar Plexus’s are ultimately here to become wise about emotional energy.  Understanding the impact of the Open Emotional Solar Plexus in my life and relationships has helped me tremendously.   I hope this is helpful for you to better understand yourself and your loved ones also!

What if I pick up someone else’s emotions?

This may be a question you have if you realize you may be sensitive to the emotional energy of those around you.  I am also a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner.  The Emotion Code is a quick, efficient technique to identify and remove trapped emotional energy, or dump our emotional baggage.  We trap emotions either when we have not fully dealt with the emotional experience and impact of the emotion; or if we ‘absorb’ or soak up this emotional energy from someone around us.  At the speed of life today who has the time to deal with everything we encounter?  When these energies get stuck in the body, they can have an impact on our mental, emotional and physical state of being!

For example, one day I was feeling very depressed after leaving my sister’s house.  I checked in with myself, no I was not feeling that way before my visit.  I used The Emotion Code to determine that I had a trapped emotion of Depression, and that I picked it up from my brother-in-law who was facing some challenges.  I released it and felt better almost immediately.  What gratitude I have for being able to quickly find and release what is making me feel out of sorts no matter what the source.

Schedule a Discovery Session here to see if The Emotion Code can help you too!


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