Group Healing is Coming!

Group of kids sitting on the floor in a circle.

What is Group Healing?

Anytime people come together to give/share/receiving healing energy.

The original group healing would be prayer. Many people report wonderful healing stories after prayer. I was excited to see an article in the newspaper recently about a physician who requested prayer when he was facing a life-threatening health issue – because he had seen it WORK with his patients! Prayer is especially helpful when the recipient is open to what is being prayed about (Austin American Statemen, Sunday 12/26/2021).

When I attended a Body Code seminar with over 300 people and another with almost 600 people in attendance, Dr. Bradley Nelson would do demonstrations of this work on stage. He would ask for volunteers, and it was always amazing when the person he was working on no longer had pain or felt so much better from one or two energetic releases! I had the opportunity to ask Dr. Bradley why he thought such ‘miraculous’ results occurred during these demonstrations. He told me that the prayer and love of all the seminar participants made it possible.

In her book “The Power of Eight,” Lynne McTaggart writes about what she learned when running The Intention experiment with global groups of thousands, which she later scaled down to groups of eight people. In addition to the change in the intended focus of intention or “target,” she also witnessed the unintended benefits of the healing experiments on the group participants. Her research recorded hundreds, if not thousands, of “miracles” in the lives of the participants.

We have all had life experiences that, while we have not shared them directly, may have similarities to what others have lived through. Health issues, money issues, relationship issues come to mind. It is the similarity of our collective human experience that contributes to being able to understand and have compassion for each other. How comforting it is when someone says “I can relate to that.”

Group Healing Works:

“This is because the healing effects of the energy are often magnified based on the increase in energy frequency and group dynamics introduced.” -Amelia Vogler

What is Distance Healing?

Everything is energy. Non-local energy healing at a distance is mind-boggling to those new to this type of work. The practitioner uses energy healing to tune into the body’s frequencies and the mind’s subconscious to pinpoint the stressors, pains, thoughts, and emotions impeding our overall health and wellbeing.

We do not see the radio and television waves, but we can hear and see them through the ‘proxy’ of the radio and TV sets! It is natural to assume a technique must be done in person for it to work. How freeing it is to learn that you and the practitioner can be in any location and are not constricted by being in the same room, much less the same city, state, or even country!

A blog I wrote about remote healing if you are interested in learning more is here.

How is Distance Group Healing Done?

Virtual MeetingThis can be done either “in person” over technology such as skype, zoom, webinar, phone, or messenger; or remotely without our live presence where we receive a recording or email or post of what happened.

Zoom – a modern-day opportunity! Have you been on a Zoom meeting? This is a computer, tablet, or smartphone-based technology that allows users to meet virtually without the downsides of the pandemic. It also allows us to save on travel time, and to meet from our own homes with ease.

I know for myself, that I still like ‘in person’ attendance even remotely. I can see and hear what is being done, ask questions if there is a Q&A period, hear what others may share. I always learn from others’ questions. If I am unable to attend, a recording allows me to feel that I am present.

What Does a Group Healing Session Look Like?

I intend to create a safe space for you to experience your personal healing goals.

The experience will look like this:

  • We set a container of sacred space for all participants and begin with a meditation to support each participant to be centered in their heart, the best place from which to receive healing.

We will work on the SESSION TOPIC to

  • Release trapped emotional energies
  • Release additional negative energies
  • Release Limiting Beliefs
  • Bring in Healing Intentions and Positive Beliefs to support us
  • And more….

We will close with a specially designed closing that will support you in accepting and processing the healing you have received.

Are you interested? And for non-sacral Human Design individuals reading this: I am wondering if you are interested? Is any part of you responding with “This sounds interesting! I would love to experience this way of healing.”

I invite you to fill out a group healing survey here.  Suggestions are welcome!

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