Group Healing Part II

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I recently sent out a survey to learn about views on group healing. Thank you so much to all who responded!  Over half of survey respondents wanted to know more about group healing.

These comments are from those who have experienced a group healing in the past, in no particular order:

What did you like about group healing?

  • Amplified healing power
  • I learned from the other participants
  • It helped others also!
  • Connection with other members of the group and interaction
  • Dedicated safe space with likeminded individuals
  • Learning new tips/ways and tools
  • It was up-lifting
  • Everyone had more serious problems than I did
  • The cost was very affordable
  • Anonymity
  • I was able to attend from home
  • Some conversations helped provide insight into issues I had been dealing with.
  • Relaxing
  • Being part of a community
  • It felt good

If these comments resonate with you, group healing may prove to be a valuable option for you!

What Has been Addressed Through Group Healing?

Some examples of topics that can be addressed with group healing:

  • Alleviation of discomfort and other symptoms – This is often the easiest to evaluate on a personal level. We may notice the absence of discomfort, pressure, or pain either immediately or within a couple of days. It is easy to forget that something has disappeared, simply because it is no longer the focus of our attention due to its absence. This can be general, as in for the body, or more specifically for a particular part of the body such as the eyes, joints, digestive organs, etc. 
  •  Nervousness, Anxiety, or Panic
  • A sense of peace and calm reclaimed
  • Relationships, with self and others
  • Self-worth, or lack thereof
  • Self Love, or lack thereof
  • Allergies to others, especially emotionally
  • Business Topics
  • Fear of being visible
  • Imposter syndrome
  • Willingness to receive
  • Fear of sales
  • Mindfulness
  • Interconnectedness and The Collective
  • And so much more.

Group healing is not for you if: 

  • You want the session to address your specific issue in depth
  • You want the intimacy and privacy of a one-on-one session

We will be recording the sessions for participants who have signed up and are not able to attend. You will receive the benefits of the session in the recording also.

I am shy and introverted, how can I protect my privacy? You can leave your camera/video on the offsetting.  

Is it different online or in-person? Not really, we will set a group intention and safe group container. Everything is energy and physical presence is not necessary. This is how energy practitioners are able to work with people all around the globe!

To learn more about Group Healing, check out my last blog here

I invite you to fill out a group healing survey here.  Suggestions are welcome!

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