What drives your passion for energy healing?

Why do you love energy healing?

I have always cared deeply about helping people. This motivation fueled my former career as a nurse. When I discovered the possibilities and effectiveness of energy healing I was first amazed, then captivated, and inspired to pursue and share this work each day. My husband was very skeptical. However, when he listened to others responding during my case studies for certification about the results they experienced, he became a vocal supporter! So supportive, he has recently become an Emotion Code Certified Practitioner in his own right!

I worked with one lady who said, “I already went through this with a Repatterning practitioner.” Unfortunately, her cells still carried the energy. Both The Emotion Code and The Body Code are so fast, simple and efficient in finding and releasing stuck emotions and energies. With Body Code, her cells released the energy permanently.

Another stunned client said to me, “How did you know that? I didn’t tell you about that.” My answer is that I found it with The Body Code! We went on to release the underlying causes for the misalignment for which she had recently started seeing a chiropractor! This modality often provides quick, profound and transformative results.

It is satisfying and rewarding to wake up loving my work, being able to connect with people around the world, and most of all feeling grateful for making a genuine difference in the lives of my clients.


What advice would you give to those that are new to practicing The Body Code?

Keep it simple, as it was developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson. Adopt a simple paradigm or framework for your practice of this work. Develop your sensitivity and confidence with muscle testing through repetition by asking a question with a definite yes or no answer. Ask clear questions, and keep your mind open to whatever answer shows up. It’s not always what you would ‘expect.’ Remember the brain is like a muscle that needs to be trained!


If you are concerned about muscle testing, start by releasing troubling emotions you are experiencing daily as they happen, so they do not become trapped! Identify the emotion as “I am feeling ____” and release it.


Don’t forget to ask, “Does this belong to me?” The emotion or energy may not even be yours!


Here is a true story. After visiting a relative, I was driving away feeling really ‘down.’ I was not feeling that way before the visit and realized I had picked something up from a member of the household. How wonderful to be able to release it with the Body Code and feel the relief immediately!




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