Remote Energy Healing: Does it Work?

What is Remote Energy Healing?


I recently received a question from a potential client: “My friend referred me to you, but I thought you were in my city.  I don’t see how a session can work remotely?”

In Facebook groups, I see this question implied by many people, as they ask for referrals to a practitioner close to where they live, especially those who are new to energy healing work I do remotely:  The Emotion Code, The Body Code, Three Dimensional Therapy (T3), IMAET/NAET, and Reiki.

It is natural to assume a technique must be done in person for it to work.  How freeing it is to learn that you and the practitioner can be in any location and are not constricted by being in the same room, much less the same city, state, or even country! But, I am getting ahead of myself.

Distance or “Remote” Energy Healing

I first encountered Distance Healing when I was learning Reiki.  In Level 2 Reiki we learned to “send Reiki” to an individual that was not in the room with us.  What a fascinating experience when one of my classmates reported that their family member we sent Reiki to had a breakthrough at the time we were sending Reiki!  This was an intriguing concept! I remained somewhat skeptical at first.


Reiki was also the first modality in which I encountered the concept of working on someone by “proxy”.  Proxy is defined as giving another individual authorized to act on your behalf or substitute for you ( In proxy testing, the proxy temporarily “becomes” the person being tested. By voluntarily putting themselves into the position of standing in for someone else, a proxy can be tested as if they were the subject of the testing, allowing their body to be used to benefit the subject. Proxy testing is most useful when you want to help someone who is not present or who is inaccessible for some reason.  This is when the practitioner acts on behalf of the client, for distance healing, muscle testing, or releasing trapped emotions!

Note: Ethically, it is imperative to have consent before working on anyone.  Parents or a child’s guardian can give permission for children under 18 years of age.  Adults 18 years and over have the right to say yes or no. A comatose client’s guardian needs to give permission.

Everything is energy. We do not see the radio and Television waves, but we can hear and see them through the ‘proxy’ of the radio and TV sets!  The practitioner uses energy healing to tune into the body’s frequencies and the mind’s subconscious to pinpoint the stressors, pains, thoughts, and emotions impeding our overall health and wellbeing.  The results speak for themselves.


Choosing a Practitioner

Being able to work at a distance frees you from having to choose or settle for a practitioner that is in your locale. More importantly, the questions become:

  • “Who do I resonate with?”
  • “Who can appreciate what I have been through?”
  • “Who specializes in working with what I am experiencing?”  
  • “Who has the best training and skill?”
  • “Who is a good fit for me?”


I have clients all around the world. I am based in Texas. On any given day I may be visiting with clients throughout the USA, in Canada or Mexico, or as far as the Middle East, Singapore, and Australia!  It is exciting to be able to connect with people no matter where they are. Although most sessions are over the phone, skype or zoom; I also have clients who request that I work on them remotely ‘via email’.  This means that I work when it fits into my schedule even if they are sleeping, and send them the session notes via email! One far away client says: “I always know when you have been working on me because I wake up feeling so good!”


A Remote Session

In a session, what we do is identify the issue(s) you would like to work on and formulate a powerful question. Once an energetic connection is established by proxy; we use a Body Code “app” which gives us access to over 300 pages of material and is designed to help us quickly drill down to the applicable emotion or energy causing an issue.  Using the proxy technique, we release the energy from YOUR energy field.

Everyone is different, but many clients notice a shift in how they feel even as we are working.  Others may notice changes later.  For example, I am one of those people who is not so sensitive as work is being done. I was beginning to work over the telephone on one volunteer for certification sessions, an engineering student, who was sensitive and felt the energy change immediately. He could not reconcile this (with his belief system) and wanted to stop working then and there. Shifts happen.


The Body Code

Would you like to experience The Body Code “remotely” for yourself, at no charge?  I invite you to schedule a Discovery session with me now, just click here.

Near or far, I look forward to the opportunity and possibility of sharing this amazing work with you!


  1. Shayla Cademis on June 25, 2019 at 2:12 pm

    Thanks for the suggestion to find a practitioner who I can resonate with and who is able to appreciate what I have been through. I haven’t been feeling well over the past few months, and no treatment or diagnosis I’ve tried seems to fit or cure me. I will have to look for a good remote energy healer who is able to help me get back to health!

  2. Henry Killingsworth on March 18, 2020 at 6:35 pm

    You made an interesting point when you explained that it is important to find someone that can appreciate what you are going through when looking for a distance healer. My wife recently gave birth to our second child, and she has been struggling with a lot of anxiety in the past couple of weeks. She doesn’t want to try medications yet, so these tips will be helpful to us when we start looking for a distance healer.

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