Human Design: Are we energetically hardwired at birth?

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I hadn’t either until a few years ago. At first, I was curious about Human Design. I have a unique design- there is no one else just like me in the world? What difference would it make to me if any? How would it help me to know this?


When I received my chart it looked like this:


Human Design Chart

There were nine geometric shapes, some of them white, and some of them colored in. Some lines were also white, some colored in. What did it all mean?

The first thing to understand about your Human Design chart, frequently stated by my HD teacher Karen Curry Parker: “We all have ALL of the chart”.

You or I are not lacking anything!

The beauty of our individual chart is to understand how we are energetically hardwired at birth! Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have this guide to yourself, your significant other, your children, parents, business associates, and colleagues?

We often hear parents remark how different each of their children are. Could their Human Design go a long way to explain why? What if their Human Design held keys to help their parents support each child according to their differences, bringing out the best in the child?


What if spouses understood their partners Human Design


Human Design, RelationshipsCould this change how we communicate with each other, support each other, make decisions together? Indeed it can! I had been married for about 12 years when I first encountered Human Design. I learned that I am a Generator, and my husband was a Projector. Over those 12 years, he regularly brought to my attention that we had communication issues. I often did not know what to say. It made so much sense to me because at the root of our struggle was that each of us expected the other to be like ourselves! With the tools of Human Design, we have been able to understand each other, change our expectations and communication to create a wonderfully satisfying marriage we have today!


Would you like it if Human Design could help you:


1. Communicate effectively with everyone, at home and work?
2. Make decisions with more confidence and clarity?
3. Choose job roles more suited to you, or select candidates better matched to the job?
4. Improve teamwork
5. Support your spouse, partner or child in ways they would feel truly valued?


To understand your chart I will be writing a series of blogs to introduce you to concepts and a basic understanding of all the shapes, lines and gates.


Referring to the picture above, I will start by discussing the white and colored areas.


Referred to as being Defined: Colored Geometric shapes may be red, brown, yellow or green. The lines between the shapes may be red, black or both. All areas that are colored in are CONSISTENT in your energetic hard-wiring! You will have consistent access to this energy whether consciously or unconsciously. The black lines are “conscious”, and you are usually aware of this energy or traits. The red lines are considered “unconscious” and often are energy or traits that loved ones would say we exhibit, although our personal awareness of these energies may be less.


We refer to WHITE areas as being Open. We will experience the energy of these areas in variable or different ways which will depend on who we are with. Why does it vary? Because in these areas we are sensitive to, or feel, the energies of those around us. Not only do we feel these energies, but we also AMPLIFY them! Think back to a situation when you felt something uncharacteristic for you. Maybe an intense emotion you did not have an hour ago, or inspiration after listening to a motivational speaker; or perhaps the energy to get something done which you had not felt earlier in the day. These may be examples of you feeling and amplifying energy around you.


When we have “Open” areas we learn to become wise about those energies because we experience them in many different ways.


In my next blog, I will discuss the importance of our Human Design Type and Strategy.


Does this information begin to make you feel curious about how you and your loved ones are ‘hardwired?’


I invite you to request your FREE Human Design Chart! jovian archives, Human Design


Wouldn’t you like to know if you are hardwired:

To struggle
To feel pressured
To feel inadequate

And like to know how to deal with it?

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