Human Design: Pressure Centers

Pressure, Stress

Do you feel under pressure to answer any question that is posed? Do you feel under pressure to get things done? Like you cannot stop until the list is finished.


Two Centers in the Human Design chart can help explain why we may feel Pressure! These centers are at the top and bottom of the chart. The top triangle called the Head Center, and the bottom square called the Root Center. If you have these centers “Open” you will feel pressured.


What is an Open Center?


Human Design

These are colored white in our Human Design chart. Colored centers or Defined centers are those to which we have consistent energy. When we have an “open” center in our Human Design we are sensitive to the energy of those around us. Our environment and mood may play a role in how we feel. We may feel or ‘pick up’ on the energy of others, and in addition, we amplify the energy we sense!

Have you ever been to a talk, workshop or seminar that was stimulating, motivating and encouraged new ideas to use in life or at work? I have! I would come home all enthused about what may be possible and talk about it to everyone. Then, in a few days, the inspiration wore off. The motivational energy just didn’t seem to be there anymore. I would wonder where it went! THIS is an example of having an Open Head center! Once you are away from the source of the energy you are amplifying, it naturally releases. This used to happen to me all the time. When I learned this aspect of Human Design it made so much sense why I couldn’t “hold onto” those great inspirations.

There is a purpose to the openness of our Human Design centers. We get to experience the energy in these centers in various ways depending on who we are around. This helps us learn to become wise through the variety of ways we experience these energies.


Do you feel under pressure to answer any question that is asked?


The Open Head Center, the triangle at the top of the HD chart, is all about inspiration! We are sensitive to the inspirations all around us. The inspirations we amplify may keep changing! You may feel you want to follow one inspiration one day, and another the next. We may be perceived of as too changeable, and significant others may not understand why we don’t make a decision and stick to it!

In addition, the Head Center is all about questions: Why? How? Can you prove it? An Open Head Center will cause us to feel under pressure to answer questions. Do you have an Open Head Center? Think about how you feel and respond whenever a question is asked. I was always trying to answer the questions being posed! It can be stressful when you feel like you are supposed to have the answers.


Do you feel under pressure to get things done?


The Open Root Center, the square at the bottom of the HD chart, is all about adrenal energy. I have a Defined, or Human design, root center colored, Root Center, and my adrenal energy pulses on and off. Whenever I speak with a client with an Open (white) Root Center I ask them if they ever get to the end of their list so they can rest and take a break, they say “no” or “it never ends.”

My husband has an Open Root Center, and always has something on his list to do. It’s very challenging for me to get him to relax with me. I did not realize that just being around me puts pressure on him because my Root center is defined. This can cause your partner to feel that you are putting expectations on them (which you are not).

With a defined root center my adrenal energy pulses on and off. There are times when I want to do something, but just don’t have the energy for it. I often admire my husband who keeps doing. I am sure he is puzzled by my need to stop when I may have things to do. We may assign value to what is ‘better’. Learning to respect and honor our energy – or lack of it – is important.


The Pressure you feel is a FALSE pressure.


You don’t have to have answers to all the questions that are asked. You don’t have to finish your list before you take a break. You DO have permission to take yourself OFF the hook!

Human designIt will take time. You may need to remind yourself daily.

For example, every time someone asks a question, I find myself preparing to answer it! I must remind myself it is okay to say things like “that is a good question,” “that is interesting,” or “hmmm, I’ll have to think about that.” I only have to answer the questions that have meaning for me!

It can be hard to stop when you are used to constantly doing the next thing on the list. Changing your mindset to accepting that we all need to plan time for rejuvenation and renewal to avoid burnout. We don’t need to wait until we ARE burned out! Give yourself permission to stop. The rest will still be there later or tomorrow. Do the highest priority first. It’s okay for the rest to wait. You will feel refreshed and have more energy after a break or good nights sleep.

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