What am I waiting for?

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I suffer from impatience.  Not all the time, but often enough that I get called out for being impatient!  As I get older, my sense of time has sped up and time seems to be flying by. We live in a world addicted to speed.

Everyone seems to want things done now or yesterday!   We often judge ourselves for not accomplishing enough each day.  After all, we are brought up to just do it, don’t procrastinate, don’t put off until tomorrow what we can do today.  

I remember a joke I heard one time told by Minnie Pearl about being courted by a young man in the front parlor.  There was a piano with a metronome on top ticking at its slowest setting. To Minnie, who was very interested in this young man, the metronome seemed to tick ever so slowly “Take your time, take your time, take your time.”  She wanted it to say quickly “Get together, get together, get together!”


In the context of Human Design, 92% of us are designed to WAIT.  Only 8% of people, the Manifestor Type, have the energy to “Just Do It.”   


HALT, our wheels come to a screeching halt.  Wait, “What do you mean wait? I can’t wait, don’t you see how much needs to get done?”  We are so conditioned to get things done as soon as possible, waiting seems like a cruel joke when we first encounter this concept in Human Design


What does it mean to wait in the context of our Human Design? 


Human Design, Projectors, Manifesting Generators, Free Human Design ChartIt is all about our Type’s unique strategy to approach important decisions and aspects of our lives.


Generators and Manifesting Generators are designed to WAIT to respond.

Projectors: Need to WAIT for the invitation (for the important things in life.)

Reflectors: WAIT 29 days before making a major decision


Let’s explore this a little more deeply for each Type and Strategy  


What does Wait to Respond mean for Generators and Manifesting Generators?  

When a Generator of any type wants to do or create something in their lives they need to wait for a ‘sign’ from their outer world before taking action on the thought, idea or inspiration.  This confirmation may show up in many ways. A song on the radio, an email, a facebook post, a billboard, something someone says to them, are all ‘signs’ in the outer world that can be received by Generators.  This ‘sign’ is a signal that it is time to take action if it feels right to do so.


Projectors need to wait for the invitation.  

Projectors are designed to be invited into the Big things in their life, whether a relationship, work, moving, etc.  This is not about deciding what to eat. They will meet resistance if they are not invited. A Projector, when invited, will be recognized and valued for what they bring ‘to the table’.  They may feel bitter if they try to initiate and are rejected or not valued.  


Here is an example of both the Generator and Projector Strategy and Waiting

Human Design, Projector, Generator, Self CareI did not know about Human Design when I met my husband.  Looking back, however, we each followed our strategy in entering our relationship!  My husband is a Projector, designed to wait for the invitation. I am a Generator, designed to wait to respond.  We met each other on an arranged blind date with mutual friends. We exchanged phone numbers in chatting after dinner.  I tried waiting for him to call me. I waited and waited and waited. No call.

One day I played with some animal “Medicine Cards” I had.  I pulled the card of the Badger. In the explanation of Badger energy, it was written that getting more aggressive and taking action to move ahead was being called out of us.  I responded to pulling this card (in my outer world) by calling my future husband to say hello and suggest we plan a date. He accepted my invitation. The rest, as they say, is history!


Reflectors are designed to wait 29 days, a full lunar cycle, before making a major decision.

Reflectors are beings with all nine centers in their Human Design chart that are OPEN.  They sense and amplify energy of people around them. It is important for Reflectors to take their time making a decision, and to use others as a sounding board, not for advice, so they can see what they are thinking about reflected back to them through others energy.  They need the time to get in touch with what they feel about all aspects of their decisions.


What are the Benefits of Waiting?


  • The way forward opens up with ease when the timing is right!
  • You will experience less frustration, roadblocks or getting sidetracked.  When we push against a door which opens inwardly, it seems to close tighter.  Step back and allow for the right timing.
  • You will not expend energy in directions that are not for you.  I like to think of Garth Brooks song “Unanswered Prayers”. Sometimes when we do not have an invitation or something in our outer world to respond to it is a blessing.  We may only see the blessing in retrospect.
  • Give up the ‘guilt’ of procrastination


What do I do while I Wait?


Make the most of the time you are waiting!  Human Design, Patience, Self Love

  • Take time to smell the roses along the way.  
  • Appreciate each moment for what it offers. 
  • Play, get creative. 
  • Go about your daily life mindfully and be aware.  

There is value in waiting.  For most of us, the purpose of waiting is to enter fully into our lives in the divine right timing.  We open the doors to new adventures and the joy of living.  

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