What Human Design Type Am I?

Human Design, Four Types of Human Design


Is there a good reason to Wait? Can’t I “Just Do It” like everyone says I should!


After a session with a colleague new to Human Design, who was a Manifesting Generator; her response to me was: “I had no idea! This changes everything!”


The 5 Human Design “Types”


The easiest way to begin benefiting from Human Design concepts is to know one’s Type and to follow the strategy for that type. In the Human Design System, there are five personality “Types”, each with a unique strategy for making decisions. Knowing your Type can help you develop confidence and trust in your capacity to make reliable decisions for yourself.

The Five Types are called the Manifestor, the Manifesting Generator, the Generator, the Projector, and the Reflector. Each Type has a different role to play when interacting with others and the world. Each type also has a purpose, the best approach to life strategy, decision-making strategy, and way of signaling us when we are not living true to our design type. Here is a brief overview of each type.




Human Design, Four Types of Human DesignRemember all the hype around “Just Do It?” The eight percent of humans that are Manifestors are designed to just go out and do it and follow their creative flow. They are designed to initiate! If you are a Manifestor and are feeling angry, or someone is angry with you, you may not be following your strategy!

A challenge for this type is their strategy: To inform others who will be impacted by what you are doing BEFORE you do it! This does not mean asking for permission. It is so they can either support you or get out of your way!

The rest of us…that is about 92 percent of humans need to WAIT! Hold on, that doesn’t seem fair, what do you mean I have to wait?



Seventy percent of people fall into the Generator Type category. However, of this number, about half also share some characteristics with another type. This 35 % is called Manifesting Generators.

Generators and Manifesting Generators are the workers of the world, with sustainable life force energy. When they want to do something important, all Generators need to wait to respond to something in their outer reality.

If we are Manifesting Generators or Generators we can experience deep frustration if we try to initiate things. For Manifesting Generators and Generators, waiting for something to respond to is crucial for ensuring success in life and avoiding burn out from committing to the wrong work.

For example, a Generator who is a workshop facilitator might desire to teach a particular workshop. If this woman decides to initiate this workshop without anything to respond to other than her own mental urgings, most likely she will find that the workshop turnout may be low. But, if instead, this Generator woman waits until someone suggests that she teach a workshop, she has something to respond to and the outcome of the workshop will probably be much different.

Pure Generators act more deliberately when they respond, and they usually know what is correct for them to do without having to try it out first.


Manifesting Generator

Manifesting Generators also have some characteristics of Manifestors. The experience of Anger is one clue to not living true to their design, or being interrupted in their creative flow. Manifesting Generators may also have to “test drive” their response to situations that come to them in order to see if they are correct. Because of this characteristic of trying out responses, Manifesting Generators can seem as though they are changing their minds frequently.   It is important for Manifesting Generators to respond to what is correct for them.



Human Design, Four Types of Human DesignAbout 20 percent of people are “Projectors”. They are designed to be the Managers and Directors in the world. Exciting! But Projectors may often feel Bitterness if they are not living true to their design. You see Projectors need to wait to be invited into the big things in their life, whether a job, relationship or life change. They have lots of wisdom to share with the right people, but often feel bitter that they are not heard.




Only 1 percent of people fall into the category known as “Reflectors”. Reflectors are the rarest of the types. Less than 1% of people are Reflectors. The Reflector is here to “mirror” or reflects the health of the community around them. A Reflector is extremely open to all kinds of energy. The Reflector takes all the energy from the world around him deep into his own energy system and then reflects it back out.

If you are a Reflector and you are happy, then where you are at the moment is a happy place. If you are a sad Reflector then the community or the world around you is sad. Because Reflectors are completely open, they can become very deeply wise about others and the world around them. Reflectors take in so much energy and information that it can take them a while to make decisions.



Strategy for Human DesignYour strategy comes from your Type. The strategy is the most important knowledge offered by your Human Design
Chart. Your strategy is basically your personal way to make effective decisions. It gives you key information about how to operate your human vehicle in the world, how to make the right choices for you, and how to recognize when you are on the right path in life.

Following your strategy offers you the opportunity to experience events and circumstances that are correct for you. Not following the strategy for your type brings events and experiences into your life that may not be correct for you.

Because learning to follow strategy effectively can take months or years of practice, you can benefit from coaching by a Human Design Analyst who can provide you with feedback and encouragement. Follow your strategy and you will truly fulfill your Personal Destiny.


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