Bon Accord – What’s in a name?

When I started my business I had to come up with a name! I had always worked for someone else and all this was so new to me. In today’s world of catchy words and phrases, I struggled to come up with a name that would give an idea of the work I intended to do and have meaning as well! In this post, I wanted to share the story of the name of my business with you.

In summer 2013 I faced a dilemma. We returned to the United States after living and working overseas for the previous 18 years. Should I look for a job, or follow my dream of establishing a practice sharing amazing healing modalities of The Emotion Code, The Body Code, NAET and Reiki with my community and the world? Now was my opportunity to take my part time ‘pleasure’ of helping others truly feel better to a new level – opening my own business! My husband became my biggest supporter.

We searched for a business name with significance. One of my husband’s suggestions was “Bon Accord.” From high school French class, I knew this meant “Good Agreement” or “Harmony” when literally translated. More significantly, it is also a phrase of importance in my husband’s hometown of Aberdeen, Scotland. “Bon Accord” was a code word used by King Robert the Bruce of Scotland to rally an attack on Aberdeen to retake the city from the invading English. (By the way, the Scots were successful!)

I loved the idea of Harmony within these words. In addition, I decided, building upon the Scottish historical importance, to use “Bon Accord” as my code word to “Take back” our health into our own hands. This concept is empowering to apply in our lives. It was also nice to honor my spouse’s support and behind the scenes work in the business. I added Allergy and Wellness to the business name to emphasize the type of work and vision of the work we do.

The next step was to look for a symbol that would impart our vision and values to others. We were attracted by the potent promise found in an acorn to create a new life. I found and fell in love with this Celtic Tree of Life – oak and acorn artwork by Kevin Dyer. He kindly granted me permission to use this symbol as my business logo.  I hope you enjoy the intricacies of this beautiful 3D piece of artwork as much as I do.  So much is embodied within this piece.

In ancient traditions, the acorn is considered to be an emblem of luck, abundance, prosperity, security, youthfulness, and power. It also represents spiritual growth. An acorn carried on one’s person was believed to counteract loneliness, illness, and pain, aids longevity, brings luck and preserves youthfulness. Acorns will increase fertility, whether this be in matters if the mind and ideas or in reproductive matters. Throughout centuries acorns have been a source of food and natural healing remedies. Acorns also grow into the mighty oak tree!

Celtic and Nordic traditions ascribe the oak tree with Life, Strength, stability, nobility, wisdom, honor and more. The ancient Celts believed that the Universe was a tree, with a deep root system and branches that extend upward. This Tree of Life was a connection between the people and the guiding spirit of nature.

In choosing this art as our symbol I consciously wanted to symbolize the strength within each of us, the roots we share with our ancestors, the energy and richness of life that runs through each of us if we will but allow and nurture it. We may face challenges in our daily lives, but we are rich in the resources of healing. At Bon Accord it is our goal to help achieve astonishing wellness worldwide!

Mighty oaks from little acorns grow. 14th-century proverb (Oxford dictionary).

Great things come from small beginnings. We can change our lives, it all starts with one step. Step upon a path to healing with Bon Accord Allergy and Wellness and retake what is rightfully yours!

Choose Bon Accord for The Emotion Code and The Body Code sessions for you and your family!


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