Distractions: Who is in Control of Your Life?

Are You Living a Distracted Life?

With the advent of the computer age and the internet, and especially handheld devices such as smartphones, we have constant access to more distractions and our attention spans are shorter than ever before.  We are bombarded by information, Facebook Ads, social media posts, clever sayings, constant news updates, entrepreneurs and businesses clamoring for our attention; not to mention candy crush, Pokemon-Go, and other games we may amuse ourselves with.

My house is currently experiencing a power outage as I write this, with thunderstorm and flood warnings.  We are having an “in the face” experience realizing how dependent we are upon electricity and, by extension, the internet.  We are unable to have a hot cup of coffee, use the telephone (landline), television or internet services. I turn to writing this by hand since my computer is off.

As Life Seems to be Speeding Up, and Attention Spans Seem to be Decreasing.

Distractions in life can be useful when we feel overwhelmed and need to clear our head and focus elsewhere. How many times have you checked Facebook, only to ‘surface’ much later than you intended? Then you realize how much time you have spent with little or nothing to show for it. Is that living consciously? 

Many of today’s distractions serve no useful purpose other than whittling away the time. It’s keeping our attention on things that most likely are not living consciously, taking the next step on our journey, aligning with our purpose, or making a meaningful connection.

Are you aware that the technology companies purposefully design their programs to stimulate our reward centers in the brain?  They are ‘hacking’ your attention so that you feel the constant need to check your smartphone. This design keeps you engaged in their programs and rewards you with likes, clicks, views, friends, game items, etc. I have been just as susceptible to this as anyone.


How is Unconscious Living Affecting Young Brains?

Think of what this is doing to the young brains of our children and grandchildren.  

Research is being done regarding addictions to social media in connection with issues such as concomitant behaviors, psychological and mental problems among the newest generations.  There are new stories every week.

I confess, I get caught up in distractions more than I would like to admit.  (I hear a cheer from the other room as the power just came back on!)

Without judgement, ask WHY you are engaged in distractions?  Is it through your choice or because you are avoiding something? Are you caught up in meaningless activity? How do you feel after playing games or perusing Facebook for hours?

Only you can decide if the time you spend on distractions in life is serving or hindering you.  We have a CHOICE about how to spend our time. Where will you focus your attention and time?

Do you engage in distractions because you feel overwhelmed at what is on your to do list?  Are you creating your life by default (allowing the choices of those around you to create your world)?

Are you living a purposeful, love driven life?

Are you living consciously? 

What would you prefer?


What Strategies Can You Use to Reclaim Your Time and Live Consciously?

Take a few minutes to look at your daily and weekly life. Then consider how often and when you are most prone to allow distractions to run away with your time.

My husband is a planner.  He likes to have everything planned ahead of time.  I am more of a ‘go with the flow’ spontaneous gal.  This can create frustrations for us both. However, I am learning the benefits of planning ahead, especially when its usefulness creates what we want in life.


Tips to Live Consciously:

  • Meditate every day, even for five or ten minutes.  Allow the mind to quiet and be in communication with yourself.
  • Explore the practice of Mindfulness and Conscious Behavior.
  • Breathe slowly and deeply ten times several times a day.  Breathe in to the count of four, hold it to the count of four, breathe out to the count of four and hold it out to the count of four and start over.   It is amazing what oxygen to the brain can do for us!
  • Sit on the porch or on a bench in a park
  • Go for a walk outside
  • Connect with mother nature
  • Nurture a relationship
  • Engage in self care time
  • Unsubscribe from email lists that clutter your account (that you never read and only serve to be overwhelming)
  • Have UNPLUGGED days, weekends, or holidays
  • Do one item on your to do list
  • Give yourself permission to rest and relax


I was asked during a recent, brief 7-hour visit with family “What do you want to DO?” during the visit. Did I want to go to a movie or a show?  “No,” I replied, “I want to be (present) WITH you, to talk and really catch up.” During this visit, I also had the privilege of getting to know two nephews I had not seen in ten years, who have become remarkable young men.  This was so much more meaningful to me than sitting side by side passively watching something else.



What is meaningful to you?  What fills your heart with love, or makes you smile?  What makes you feel happy to be alive? What is your passion and drives you? How will you practice conscious behavior?


How will you incorporate more of this in your life? Living a more fulfilling life by decreasing or eliminating unnecessary distractions, is worth the investment in yourself!


If you would like support to help to release an addiction to distractions or decrease self-sabotage, then please contact me for a Discovery Session (click here) and explore how energy healing can assist you!


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