Self Care: Are you last on your To Do list?

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The endless To-Do list

Entrepreneurs, mothers, and nurses have a lot in common:  they put others first and subjugate their own needs to be met – if they ever have time.  This can be a huge ”IF” which often seems to be slipping further and further down the road. The “To-Do” list appears never-ending.  There is NO free time.

As a retired nurse, and currently, as an entrepreneur, there are many emotions I encounter when considering planning time for myself.

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I am sure this list could go on. And on. But let’s have a reality check: Is this true?  Are any of us at our best being driven by these emotions and our to-do lists?

When we take an airplane ride, at the beginning of every journey we are told: “Parents, put your masks on first and THEN your child’s mask.”  A parent’s natural instinct is to save their child- first. However, if you are not breathing or are losing consciousness, you are in no position to help ANYONE else, least of all yourself.


What does it take to create time for self-care?


Energy Healing, Self Care, Positive Thinking, Practice Self Care,types of energy healing, Mental Health, Self Care Tips For Depression, energy healing near me, energy healing austinFirst, I hope this blog helps awaken the AHA thought and awareness that when we actively foster our resiliency we will have more to give to others in the roles we play and live.

Secondly, give yourself permission to plan and take self-care time.  What is meaningful for you? Is it a few minutes built into every day or once a week occurrence?  This will depend on the activity you want and need. A few minutes every day is excellent for reading or meditating.  A spa or mental health day may be needed every so often.

Thirdly, plan the time into your busy schedule.  It may mean making an adjustment in your schedule that may be uncomfortable at first. For example, my sister gets up very early to go workout.  My husband and I go for a walk in the morning to have a good start to our day.


However, I also have a challenge with this

I am still reluctant to block time for working on my business rather than in my business.  In planning my week, at the back of my mind is “what if someone needs a session?” I like to think I am flexible, but is this serving me at the end of the day? We need to set some boundaries. I had a client say to me “I used to like it when you worked all the time including weekends”.  In the beginning, I did not have any boundaries (my old nursing 24/7 mentality) and was happy for any work as I was building my business.

But, I found I was getting tired, worn out, not having a meaningful time to rest and recuperate or spend time with my husband or family.  I also needed time for the administrative work a small business requires. The first boundary I set: no weekend work. It took time to make it a reality. I appreciate this time each week for admin duties, rest, play and recuperation time.   It helps me be at my best for the next week!


Energy Healing Techniques to Support YOU


I would like to share what helps me be resilient each day.  I work with “The Emotion Code” and “The Body Code,” energy healing techniques that are simple, effective and help me stay at my best.

Energy Healing, Self Care, Positive Thinking, Practice Self Care,types of energy healing, Mental Health, Self Care Tips For Depression, energy healing near me, energy healing austinWith these techniques, we can release our emotional and energetic baggage that may be contributing to physical, emotional, mental, relationship or financial pain.  It may be our own, or energy we have picked up from others. I love helping myself and clients to be able to move forward, become unstuck, and unfettered from the energy they had no idea they were ‘carrying’.

One of my clients said to me this morning:  “I had the best weekend after our session last week!  Thank you so much”

You are important!

Does my energetic ‘wiring’ or Human Design help or hinder me?

Our unique Human Design may have an impact on our energy and need for self-care.  


Human Design


I frequently integrate Human Design information in your Body Code/Emotion Code Session. I often hear clients speak in self-judgmental words and tones about what they “should” be doing, or how they “should” be in each situation or what they would like to achieve.  Learn more about Human Design here.

When I check their unique Human Design, I often find that their energy is wired differently and that they are placing undue expectations (read society’s or other’s judgments and expectations) upon themselves. Today, for example, a client kept saying that it took her too long to get things done, she often had a hard time getting started. When I checked her Human Design Chart, she had energy that was not sustainable, adrenaline pulses that go on and off, a strong intuitive sense of timing, and inconsistent energy depending on whether she was alone or around someone else.  I asked her to trust herself more and let herself off the hook for what she thought she “should” be doing. With that cleared up, we were able to get back into the emotion code/body code session to help her be her most abundant self!


Let’s decide that it is okay to take care of ourselves

Each of us may have an approach that makes us happy and mine may be different from yours.   We are worth it!

Book a Discovery Session now to see if working with me will help you release your energetic baggage holding you back from your desires.

Learn more about your unique Human Design, or that of your family member, with a Human Design Strategy Session. You will also receive your Free Human Design Chart, information booklet, reading, and recording.


  1. Warren_Lam on December 5, 2018 at 2:27 am

    I know what you re thinking. The time to take care of yourself is when you have time to take care of yourself. Bright-and-early Saturday morning yoga. Sunday afternoon hike. But that s not where my head s at. I m talking 3:18 p.m. on a Tuesday. When you re sitting at your desk, ready to throttle your boss. Or quietly seething that your colleague got credit for something that your colleague totally didn t do. That s when you need to get up and walk away. And go do something. Anything. On such days, I head out for a coffee. Not because I need a coffee, but because I need to get out. I wander down to this little joint in a giant office complex on the Hudson River. And, then, instead of walking back to the office, I park it on a bench. And I just sit there. Breathing actual nonrecycled office-building air. Watching the ferries pull up to the dock. Because sometimes doing a better job means not doing your job at all. —
    By the way!

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