The Bounty of the Harvest

Fall is the time we truly see the bounties of the harvest. The seeds planted in the earth in springtime bring forth their plenty in the autumn. The harvest is so important to take notice of. We don’t live so much in the agricultural society as generations past, when family farms were common, so we might fail to recognize the importance of this special time of harvest today.

The farmers always knew that they relied upon the sun and the rain, and they prayed to God that the climate would be temperate for seedlings to sprout and grow. The planting needed to be done on time. The storms needed to wait. The farmers were hard working, up before dawn, and toiling in their fields late into the day. They did their best to feed us, to kept our bellies full, and our cupboards stocked through the long, cold winters. Our lives depended upon the farmers and their harvest. It’s a little different now. Our farms are mostly commercial and it all feels big, industrial and far removed but the lessons of the harvest and its law still applies.

We, as workers in various fields of labor, feel the rewards of our individual efforts, whatever our pursuits have been. Harvest is the gathering. It is the fruitful expression of our labors, a time to rejoice and be content. It’s a time to express gratitude to the Creator of all, a time to unite our hearts and voices to express our appreciation for the blessings of the past year.

Each one of us is like a farmer, in a sense because each of us puts a hand to their own type of plough. The things we contribute through the work that we do is important to the survival, progress, and success of others. Each of us is important. We all play our own roles to bring about the harvest in today’s society. Work is done inside our homes where families are raised, in offices and various workplaces, where goods or services are rendered. Some provide commodities for the consumption of the populace. Others study and learn to fill very specific areas of expertise. Some provide guidance or solace for those who struggle. For us, as energy healers, life is blessed. We work to heal others and find that our own hearts are touched with divine beauty and then we, too, are healed in the process. We are witnesses to something beyond ourselves.

We look back and are reminded of the seeds we planted and our own beginnings. We remember the efforts we made throughout the season. The nurturing, the tending, and the weeding. We see life full circle as we turn and look forward to the harvest. This is a time to celebrate our lives and the abundance that is inherently ours. We are all endowed with the right to be happy as we work and exercise the universal laws that bring forth fruits of abundance. Our hearts rejoice in our Creator and the kindness that has been extended to us through the work that we can do with The Emotion Code and The Body Code. We have the great privilege and honor to enjoy seeing others feel happy and whole again, of watching their struggles come to an end. We all struggle at times and this is good. It helps us to grow.

Those who have been so fortunate as to discover The Emotion Code and The Body Code, as the true gifts that they are, are often moved to bless others with their bounty, with the knowledge that they have gained. The abundance that is so evident with these methods has the capacity, with God’s help to bring great blessings to the hearts of those who will receive it. Open your heart as you look around you this Thanksgiving. Notice the blessings of community, of brotherhood and sisterhood, of love. Notice that there are still laws at play in the world. The Law of the Harvest reminds us of many things. We are blessed because of what we have done but even more because we are important to the One who created us. We still look to Him and pray for sunshine, rain and healing. He still helps us to reap wherever we have sown, to live more, love more, and be more. Happy Thanksgiving!

~ Jean Nelson

Jean Nelson is Dr. Bradley Nelson’s wife and has been at his side for the  development of The Emotion Code and The Body Code. She is an active contributor on Healers Library and is blessed to share Dr. Brad’s vision of this work healing people throughout the world.

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