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Human Design

What is Human Design?

Cynthia Okroj MSN CECP, CBCP, ACN
Human Design Specialist | Certified Emotion Code and Body Code Practitioner | Certified T3 Three-Dimensional Therapy Practitioner | Usui Reiki Master Teacher

I love to empower individuals and families to reclaim their health, wealth, and happiness!

When I encountered Human Design, I was struggling in my marriage to a wonderful man. When I learned that he was a Projector, while I was a Generator, a brilliant spotlight was shone upon our differences and who we were designed to be!

It made so much sense to me because at the root of our struggle was that each of us expected the other to be like ourselves! With the tools of Human Design, we have been able to understand each other, change our expectations and communication to create the wonderfully satisfying marriage we have today!

I believe that Human Design is an important addition to my healing practice. I have seen time and time again that one way, one approach is not right for all people, and does not fit our unique needs or path in this world. By learning our individual type and strategy, we have a crucial key to understanding why things may or may not have been working well in our lives.

With Human Design, we can learn to implement the right strategy for us to make life easier, happier, less challenging and improve our relationships with loved ones.

We all love to feel understood. What better way to start than to more deeply understand ourselves and those around us at home, work and play. For me, this awareness has deepened my understanding of my best strategies to create a more fulfilling marriage, how to approach decision-making, for health and business, and creating the future I envision. I invite you to begin your journey to break free of what holds you back from creating the life of your dreams!

Certified Body Code Practitioner
Certified Emotion Code Practitioner
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