Can you EVER have enough?

There are so many messages we receive throughout our lives to reinforce the idea that resources are scarce, or that there are reasons we “Lack” the thing we desire.   While we may use an affirmation to focus on what we desire, there may be negative programs running in the background of our subconscious mind…

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Do You Have an Emotional Allergy?

Emotional Allergy - NAET. Couples Fighting

    An allergy is a misguided reaction of the immune system to something that may be harmless to most people. We may use the words sensitive, hypersensitive, intolerance when thinking about such reactions.  Another definition of an allergy is a feeling of antipathy or aversion.  This is more akin to an undesirable emotional response…

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Labor of Love

Children can be a challenge. But we can make things easier for them with energy work.

  This time of year, its just past Labor Day, and I was reflecting on my title: Labor of Love. I started out thinking about children going back to school, all the needed preparations, and the labor of love parents give to their children each day of their lives. And then I thought about my…

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Do You Have A Heart Wall?

Heart Wall, Human Design, Body Code, Emotion Code, Dr. Bradley Nelson, Soul-healing

Welcome to the Age of the Heart!   Did you know that the heart is the most powerful organ in your body? Your heart generates 60 to 1000 times more power and electromagnetic energy than your brain, easily making it the most powerful organ you have. Your heart beats about 100,000 times a day, 40…

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What drives your passion for energy healing?

Why do you love energy healing? I have always cared deeply about helping people. This motivation fueled my former career as a nurse. When I discovered the possibilities and effectiveness of energy healing I was first amazed, then captivated, and inspired to pursue and share this work each day. My husband was very skeptical. However,…

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What Is The Emotion Code?

  The Emotion Code is the simplest way I have found to get rid of your emotional baggage, helping you feel freer, happier, and healthier!   I was interested in the topic because I knew, as a NAET Practitioner, that allergies and intolerances can be tied to emotions. Upon hearing about this technique as discussed…

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Have you ever wondered what happiness is?

Do you feel happy?  Right now, at this very moment. I grew up thinking that happiness is something we need to chase. After all in the Constitution of the United States, it states: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain…

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Self Care: Are you last on your To Do list?

The endless To-Do list Entrepreneurs, mothers, and nurses have a lot in common:  they put others first and subjugate their own needs to be met – if they ever have time.  This can be a huge ”IF” which often seems to be slipping further and further down the road. The “To-Do” list appears never-ending.  There…

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The topic you avoid talking about

I lost both my parents within six months of each other. I was devastated.  My mother was my anchor, and I felt like I was set adrift when she passed away.  It took me a long time to recover.  I lived overseas, and was notified she took a turn for the worse and to come…

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