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I’m like a new person

We just returned from vacation.   My family was stupefied by my behavior and responses.  My husband asked “Wow, are you okay?”  My children were astonished and stared at me in awe because my behavior was not normal for me.  Let me explain.  We rented an RV. We faced problems with the air conditioning, plumbing, cleanliness (not!), community laundry and ticks on our dog.  In the past, I would have complained and complained until I would have said “Let’s get out of here”.

Because of our Body Code sessions, I was able to go with the flow rather than complaining and demanding perfectionism.  We were able to be spontaneous, enjoy ourselves, and have an experience we loved!

I will continue to have sessions with you to fill full my purpose and my families purposes here on earth.


Austin, TX

Love and abundance are flowing - I am feeling happy for the first time in years

After our first session, my left leg - which was shorter after a tummy tuck - felt connected to earth and different.  I am no longer wearing the heel lift and have no more pain in left hip.

I laughed more last week than in a long time!  My humor is increasing, and I am feeling good, I feel so much more in the present.

I had to call and tell you I have had the most magnificent man come into my life! He’s the closest thing I have found since 1993.  Oh, to feel these feelings again…my stomach quivers for 45 minutes afterwards!

Not only that, I have been receiving appointments at work, when it is dead out there (in the market)!

My depression is better, I used to have to work at being nice or pleasant, and now its becoming a natural way of being.   I am so excited!

Marsha T.

Georgetown, Texas

From scarcity to ease

I grew up as the oldest child of parents who experienced the Depression. I'd learned penny-pinching from my mother and was proud of how thrifty and frugal I was. This served me well until I started my business and my scarcity mentality was hampering my ability to charge what my product was worth. I felt it change after working with Cindy, but the real test came just two weeks ago when my website was hacked, requiring close to $2000 to get it back up and running and install additional security. The whole time I was dealing with it, I never felt that usual gut-wrenching I'd experienced before when I'd had to pay out large sums of money. I was very clear about Oh, this is what's needed--let me hire you to fix it. I paid my bill with gratitude and ease.

The actual money in my account was never an issue. Before working with Cindy, I also had sufficient money for my needs, but found it very difficult to spend it on the things my business required. Thank you Cindy!

Peggy K.

Austin, Texas

My life is getting better

I wanted to let you know I am definitely feeling the positive effects of this work, dealing with my husband, seeing things from a different perspective, and managing differently.

My husband and I recently had two really good weekends and were able to reconnect more quickly and easily.  This is a testimony to the journey I have been on with you and The Emotion Code/The Body Code.  This work has been a journey of unraveling the past so I can feel forgiveness, and really feel it.  I don’t think I could be here (in the marriage) had it not been for this work.

Last July I was so absolutely stuck.  I couldn’t move past a lot of the hurt, the anger, and regret. I have so much more understanding of my whole life and the struggle and pain of the whole marriage.

My husband had to almost lose me to appreciate me.  Our marriage has become more of a collaboration than a co-dependency!  Now I am feeling really good.  Working on the relationship, but also with myself.  This has helped me be better.

Carol P.


Amazing results

I really get amazing results with the Body Code technique on my serious health issue, an auto-immune thyroid disease (Graves disease).  I  previously had been treated with classical medical treatment for this disease, and it took struggling for many months to a year how  from relapsing to getting back to normal, thought after having experimented struggling during  many months til a year sometime, it would take quite a long time to have results and feel good again with Body Code.

Surprisingly after a month of regular Body code sessions with Cindy, I felt good, no symptoms anymore, palpitation gone, hypoglycemia, shaking, energy crash, irritability, digestive problem, extreme sensitivity to stress, weight loss, headache, all these GONE in a month! To reach that same feeling it took me 6 month to a year to reach that with medicine in the past, and having a lot of side effects.

Body Code has the advantage to work on the multiple causes that create a health or emotional  issue. Body code addresses the energetic cause. Thank you So much Cindy for your great help, you have been a real blessing on my way.  I am so grateful for that technique and your remarkable efficiency!

Karine F.

Doha, Qatar

Problem is gone

I was sick last week with a throat problem and coughing. After this session, my throat feels lifted and the problem gone. I don't feel it now.  Very cool, I’m so happy, amazing!

I've been so much better since working with you, things are so much clearer in many different ways. I have been able to voice things and feel good about it. It’s been really, really good!  You have helped me in so many ways. I couldn’t imagine you NOT in my life right now to do all this.  God knew when it was the right time!  I highly recommend you.  Even my daughter has seen the difference in me!

Dianne R.


I could trust her to help my daughter

I had the pleasure of working with Cindy during the time I was receiving some health treatments for allergies from someone else in Florida. I knew I had many emotional issues that needed addressing in addition to the allergies. Cindy patiently and systematically worked with me using basic and advanced techniques from the Emotion and Body Code as well as some of her own techniques.

Within only four treatments, my body had processed and cleared itself of many harmful emotional issues. I knew processing was happening as I had dreams during that time about people and events that I never experienced in the past. During the time we worked together, I began to feel noticeably more peaceful and relaxed - more so than I had felt in years. Cindy also provided me with helpful detailed notes after each session so that I could review what we had covered.

I liked her work and energy enough to have her spend time clearing my three year old as well!

I would highly recommend Cindy to anyone looking for an expert practitioner to clear emotional and physical issues. She has a wonderful gift and shares it so beautifully.

Pat M.

North Carolina

Improved relationship with my adopted daughter

BEFORE: I have a 5-year-old adopted daughter that is close to my husband but will not hug or come to me. Our relationship is challenging and I feel left out.

AFTER: My daughter has been more physically affectionate with me since our session and it feels so nice!


Austin, Texas

Healing from Depression

I wanted to let you know how much I feel our sessions doing Body Code have helped me. I have to admit I was pretty skeptical at first but the results speak for themselves. Before our sessions I was on about 3 or 4 different medications for depression including mental stabilizers. I have been on them for about 20 years. For the first time in my adult life I have successfully not taken any medication for almost a year. I really felt that the Body Code helped shed so much unwanted baggage and heal not only things I was aware of but so much I was not. Thank you for all the time you spent helping me heal.

Simone D.

Georgetown, TX

Better able to cope

Thank you so much, so very much for your time yesterday. It was exactly the right timing. A few hours after we left my family called to let me know my Grandpa had passed away.

Remember the last emotion that we worked together to let go? It was the shock the was passed down through my mother's line. I was feeling nauseous and lightheaded as if something huge was taken out, and I really felt like my "coping mechanism" was taken out (those were the only words I could find to explain it). Well, when they told me the news, for the first time that I can remember, my insides did not "coil." I did not have to run to the restroom, and so far, my insides are still fine and not taking the news like I have for most of my life.

I cannot even begin to tell you how amazing that is! Of course, there is much grief in this loss. But, I wanted you to know that the yucky stuff that normally happens did not happen this time and I wanted to say thank you, yet again.

Tiffany Z.

Taylor, Texas


I am so grateful that you took the time to show me the light, taught me to embrace myself fully, and seek out my life calling. You are so wonderful!

Jori S.

Provo, Utah

Eliminating my allergies with NAET

I doubt you will find a more enthusiastic NAET client than me! NAET has eliminated, my seasonal allergies, including Cedar fever; my dyshidrotic eczema and my multiple and complex reactions to chemical exposure.

Based on my experience I trust NAET and Cynthia to deliver, knowing I will not have to suffer nor be incapacitated for long stretches of time! I am so grateful to have found a skilled, patient and compassionate NAET practitioner in Cynthia Okroj at Bon Accord Allergy and Wellness. She has been able to laser focus- in, on my multiple, challenging health issues and consistently helps bring me back to balance, improving my physical and emotional well-being. I feel I have my life back thanks to Cynthia and NAET. Deep bows of gratitude.

Sharon S.

Austin, TX

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