Belief Code versus T3

I have been a certified T3 (three Dimensional Therapy) practitioner since 2016. Before the pandemic of 2020, the rights to T3 were purchased by Dr. Bradley Nelson from the founders of T3 – Gwen Legler MSW and Leilani Alexander. T3 was entirely intuitive work.

I and many others eagerly anticipated the advent of “The Belief Code” through Discover Healing and Dr. Brad’s team. I was wondering how Dr. Brad. would bring this powerful modality to fruition in the “Discover Healing” way. I wondered how he was able to certify attendees in a 3-day workshop. I wondered how the “app” would support the work, and how the intuitive work I was used to would be “translated” into the Belief Code. I was very curious how Dr. Brad could do a sample session in under 30 minutes when my T3 sessions took me 90 minutes on average to complete.

Wow! He did it!

The Belief Code, which is now a level 3 certification after The Emotion Code (Level 1) and The Body Code (Level 2), is almost like T3 on steroids.

What is different about the Belief Code?

There is an app!

The work is not supported by an “app” with over 2000 negative beliefs categorized into 7 major headings such as Survival, Power, Passion, Love, Insight, Communication, and Divine. Each of these is further subdivided, and within each subdivision are numerous sections of Negative and Positive statements. The speed with which a practitioner can determine all components of a Faulty Core Belief system is greatly amplified.

Additionally, the practitioner uses The Body Code is find all associated blocks or imbalances that are wrapped up in the Faulty Core Belief system. There have been elements of the Body Code that had been drawn from T3, such as NEgative Broadcast Message among others.

For example, I worked with a client on a teenage trauma using Body Code and other healing modalities unraveling everything we possibly could find. We found there was also a Faulty Core Belief system that had developed due to this trauma, with energies wrapped into the system that were similar to energies we had released but were continuing to be present as part of the system. She stated afterward that she felt completely different once the Belief Code session was completed.

Then we clear all that has been found and are ready to install any needed Positive Programs, Beliefs, etc. to create a powerful new Empowering Core Belief System!

The app has many Positives built into it, which supports the practitioner to find and create the replacements needed by the client in a very timely manner.

Intuitive Skills

Has the need for intuitive skills in this work disappeared? Simple answer. No. When the negative/positive statements are found the subconscious identifies the closest frequency to that which is present. This principle is also true in The Emotion Code. On occasion, the statements need to be “tweaked” to match the energy of the client more closely. Words do matter.

This is one reason I learned that “affirmations” could be a minefield. If for any reason we are not in harmony with an affirmation or part of it – consciously or subconsciously; no matter how good it seems; we may go into resistance and discomfort.

How do I get a session done?

I am now able to include The Belief Code in my “Single Transformation Session”

Previously T3 sessions took longer and therefore were more expensive. I am very happy to be able to offer this more cost-effectively.

How do I learn to do this for myself and others?

Step 1:

Emotion Code Certification

Step 2:

Body Code Certification

Step 3:

If you are already Emotion Code and Body Code certified:

Belief Code Certification

Some of us like to skip steps and go directly to what we want! However, the first two steps truly prepare you for the Belief Code Certification, which builds on the Emotion Code and Body Code.

It is too expensive for me.

You can learn about Emotion Code and The Body Code from Dr. Bradley Nelson’s books, available from Discover Healing, your local bookstore, or Amazon. This is a valuable first step to learning to work on yourself and your immediate family. This does not prepare you or authorize you to work on others. Speaking for myself, being certified has paid for itself many times over. Other modalities are much more expensive. Once you are Emotion Code Certified you can charge for your services. I love that Dr. Brad is constantly promoting this work, essentially doing a great deal of marketing that supports all practitioners. Personally, I rely on this work to support my family.

I want to explore:

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