Introducing Tolpakan™ Healing!

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At a Body Code Seminar in 2013, I saw Dr. Karen Kan onstage with Dr. Bradley Nelson.  She went on to be the founder of Tolpakan™ Healing, and I followed her work for years.  In 2021, I felt called to study Tolpakan Healing for myself. Experiencing the power and light speed of this work, I knew I wanted to become certified and offer this wonderful healing and empowering experience to my clients. Now, I am thrilled to be a practitioner of  Tolpakan™ Healing Method and share this with you!

What is Tolpakan™ Healing?

Tolpakan™ Healing Method is a three-step Light Medicine System to activate healing at your deepest level. With this method we identify the roots of your concerns, then remove and release negative and unwanted energetic energies and influences, to activate your innate self-healing capabilities and rebalance and rejuvenate at the deepest level.  

For those who have been working with me over the last 6 months, you may have noticed the designation TKH Method, or heard me using the statements that are part of the implementation of this modality that is ‘creeping’ into my sessions.  

There are many exciting explorations that are possible using the  Tolpakan™ Healing method.  One client said that “it seems more comprehensive” than other modalities which we had worked with previously.  

Indeed, we may use this method to explore our soul mission, soul experience, seed emotions that significantly impact our quality of life, abundance assessment, and awareness and healing potential of multidimensional aspects of our physical, mental, emotional, energetic, spiritual, and dimensional body that contribute to our well-being- or not.  

Does this intrigue you? 

“I feel so much better and more aligned and more balanced.  Thank you thank you thank you!!!  This was really life-changing for me, giving me my super positivity back.  Every day smiling and feeling happy inside.”  -Beate M

Each time we have a session I feel “Oh Wow,” because there is such an incredible shift as early as the next day! I wanted to tell you today I was guided to find very important info and a breakthrough for my case that I didn’t see before. As usual amazing things happen after sessions with you!    Thank you   – Karine F

My back is already feeling so much better.  The pain is almost gone!  -Josie W.

I invite you to learn how Tolpakan™ Healing may help you!  Wouldn’t you like to learn more or just try it out? 

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